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Cornerstone Welcomes Beth Crowley, New VP of Global Operations

Aug 1, 2018 6:05:01 PM / by Bill Currence

Cornerstone Consulting is pleased to welcome Beth Crowley as our new vice president of global operations. Beth's extensive hands-on background in all aspects of executive coaching, including change management, process re-engineering, value stream optimization, and team leadership, makes her a valuable addition to our team. She's worked domestically and internationally in both manufacturing and corporate environments with a focus on assessing operations and implementing strategies to eliminate waste and increase employee engagement and productivity. Beth has facilitated more than 200 successful rapid improvement (kaizen) events using quality tools such as lean and Six Sigma.

Beth's passion for continuous improvement and love of the opportunities and challenges of the journey makes her an outstanding leader. She has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies to enhance the effectiveness of their people and processes. Together, Beth and her clients have built teams that are actively engaged with the success of their organizations and know how they can best help to reach company goals. To Beth, the best part of eliminating waste in leadership, culture, and processes is seeing the smiles return to employees' faces.

Prior to joining Cornerstone Consulting, Beth worked in operations, product line, program, supply chain, and training management for companies including Honeywell, Maytag, Price Waterhouse, UNISYS, and Stroh’s. She has been instrumental in decreasing waste and accelerating team and organizational performance . 

Beth attended Michigan State University, where she earned a BA in materials and logistics management and an MBA in marketing and supply chain management. She is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and Master Facilitator and has completed professional development courses in lean leadership, change management, project management, public speaking, value stream optimization, leadership coaching, operational excellence, process improvement, waste elimination, operational assessments, program management, strategy development and implementation, and continuous improvement event planning and execution.

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Written by Bill Currence