Sourcing Insights, a world-class provider of data spend analytics and sourcing expertise is proud to be an integration partner with Cornerstone Consulting (CCO) in delivering world-class technologies to take the complexities out of procurement.
Our proprietary spend analytics software, Sourcing Shark is built by procurement professionals for procurement professionals who have experienced first-hand the complexity of managing growing supply chains. Sourcing Shark overcomes the complexities of your spend data to accomplish one thing: spend visibility.

Do you want clear insights into your spending to help drive savings? We understand that when we’re helping a client solve a problem – like a business fighting production problems and losing money – we often hear about chaotic situations where the very survival of a plant or business can be at stake.
Using Cornerstone’s FIT Operations method, we are always going the extra mile to connect you with the resources and processes you need, especially when helping you grow your business. Having a process in place to achieve spend visibility is the foundation of driving a long-term cost optimization strategy.

By combining a data-focused spend analysis with decades of sourcing expertise and by using world-class technology, our Operations Excellence (OpEx) experts can help you drive savings by enabling clear insights into your current spending.
Without clear insights into your spending, you probably know that you can’t manage what you can’t measure. Procurement comes with many challenges, and the partnership between Sourcing Insights and Cornerstone Consulting is the one-source solution to give you all the insights your business needs.


You can instantly identify untapped opportunities and create custom reports through the simple and easy-to-use dashboard provided by the Sourcing Shark software. With multiple layers of analytics, you can view your spend in the most effective way to quickly identify the areas needing immediate attention. On countless occasions, we have helped clients find and fix problems in their business operations and return their highest potential and performance to deliver renewed cash flow and EBIDTA.

Our partnership brings you another level of expertise, delivering additional visibility, control, saving, and sustainability to help set your path toward renewed balance and optimized performance.

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Post by cco_admin
August 26, 2021