Working to improve Operational Efficiency: Inside the Accountability Room: Aviation Manufacturing 

Working to Improve Operational Efficiency in Aviation: Inside the Accountability Room 

To achieve operational excellence, aviation manufacturing organizations need to find ways to increase their operational efficiency over time, which not only increases their profit margin, but also helps in reducing operational cost and increasing customer satisfaction. This is a strategy where the business leadership works with its internal employees to focus on innovation and continuous improvement throughout its processes. One of the first and most important steps is to gain visibility into the operations. 

Accountability room explained



Why an Accountability Room? 

The Accountability Room is built all around the numbers and measures true progress that will flow to the bottom line. Most of the time, OEE or Overall Equipment Effectiveness, is used to measure progress. This simple formula helps set a standard for developing metrics that can be equally measured. 

Operational excellence must be built upon the foundation of sound strategies and the key indicators of operational excellence are performance, flexibility and responsiveness. The Accountability room allows us to collect all this data in one place where the operational indicators are lifted and made visible so everyone can see the data together. 

Accountability Meeting explained


Operational excellence is a continuous process. The goal is to plan for and deliver superior operational performance that anticipates customer needs consistently and effectively, while managing costs and maximizing resources. This process is not just about cost cutting; it is about improving business performance in every conceivable way. This means increasing productivity, reducing time to market, and enhancing quality of products.  



Accountability Room at the End of an Engagement 

Accountability Room at the End of an Engagement 


Toward the end of an engagement, permanent boards that reflect the key metrics for that facility are created and clearly represent the most important information that a team must understand, share and process to drive world-class performance. The accountability room is where the team can come together and build a mindset shift that drives OpEx. This room becomes the hub where change is visibly seen, and the team will come together as a single cohesive unit. 

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January 23, 2023