Executive Services

Our Executive Services

Strategic Development

A great strategic plan is at the core of a successful business. Our strategic planning and development consultants help senior executives develop a global strategy for their businesses to sustain success now and in the future.

Interim Executive Leadership

Filling the void of a top-level executive can be difficult during a transitional period. While you search for the perfect candidate to take the position, we provide senior executives and leadership to fill the open position for a period of time until your new executive can step into the role.

Turn-Around/Crisis Management

Unexpected circumstances happen. If your company is struggling, we’re here to help. Cornerstone Consulting can help turn companies around by putting systems in place to get them back on a profitable path.

OpEx/MOS Deployment

Implementing operational excellence (OpEx) and management operating system (MOS) can lead to improvement in decision making and efficiencies in your company. We have a complete line of OpEx tools complemented by qualified trainers and deployment specialists. Whether you need a full-scale deployment or simply need to add missing elements, Cornerstone is your partner for all things OpEx. Embracing our OpEx suite of services will improve your cash flow and earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) quickly.

FIT MFG Deployment

Fundamental Intrinsic Theorem (FIT) Manufacturing is a systems-based, enterprise-level approach that supersedes all forms of lean by taking into account 10 intrinsic orders that impact all businesses. Our team of senior consultants help you maximize long-term enterprise cash flow and EBITDA by training your team to deploy the principles of FIT to benefit your company.

Due Diligence/Value Creation

We can help you do your due diligence when you're looking to acquire another business. Our consulting process assesses revenue growth and cost reduction opportunities to determine the full potential. We look into how they're currently working to  develop a plan once you have the business.

Leadership Development

Leadership is key to a lucrative business. We help to identify potential weaknesses and form a development plan for improvement and business growth.

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