Operational Excellence (OpEx)

Leadership Training & Development

What is OpEx?

Our Operational Excellence (OpEx) method establishes standards and accountability, drives improvement, stabilizes production and optimizes operational performance for any struggling manufacturing business.

OpEx Process

We audit the existing business operation situation and then set up an OpEx Accountability Room. This is where capacity plans, throughput and safety goals and standards are established and visible, and actual performance data are monitored and posted. It serves as a communications hub where the team comes to identify problems and solutions, and to own them.

Accountability is Key

We focus on creating a culture of accountability and process discipline that engages every member of the team – from leaders to the staff on the shop floor.

The CCO Difference

Our experienced operations experts shoulder up with a plant’s management and its workers to restore profitable performance – all the way to the mission’s outcome. We identify and rapidly fix what’s broken, and help you return operations to balance, achieve profitability and drive sustainable results.

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