Project Forecasting, Estimation & Valuation Mergers & Acquisitions, Financials, IRR & NPV

What’s your next project?

Contact us if you are:

  • Contemplating a merger or acquisition
  • Vetting a project
  • Need to confirm a valuation
  • Looking to determine true IRR/NPV
  • Need to ensure sales forecasts and financials are achievable

Proven Processes

We have a proven and straightforward process that delivers accurate and timely information. We evaluate the opportunity in four areas:

  • OPERATIONS: Efficient? Standardized? Quality? Scalable?
  • COMMERCIAL: Growth? Competition? Customer Satisfaction?
  • FINANCIAL: Profitable? Credit Worthy? Capital Constrained?
  • WORKFORCE: Stable? Capable? Engaged? Agile?

Results Delivered

We build our strike team around these core competencies and ensure their expertise is founded in the sector being evaluated. Our team is armed with robust and efficient assessment tools to rapidly deliver the decision-making intelligence necessary to execute the transaction. We move with accuracy and speed to meet private equity demands.

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