Improve Aviation EBITDA with Lean Manufacturing Principles

Experienced Consultants From All Ops Levels

Our team has extensive global experience in the commercial aviation industry ranging from engineers to managers! These roles often work their way up the chain off the manufacturing floor to the leadership roles in operations, finance, and even presidents and CEOs!


Applying FIT Operations to Your Plant

Our proprietary FIT Operations is a unique strategic tool to address the tactical complexities of low volume, high mix manufacturing.

Improve EBITDA

We have adapted tools and methods to provide quick and insightful improvement opportunities that deliver improved EBITDA. These include:

  • Operational Excellence (OpEx) that drives accountability and transparency across functions and geographies.
  • Program and project management leveraging our deep bench of experienced consultants to match your needs and exceed your expectations.
  • SIOP Sales and Inventory Operations Planning to manage from initial rollout, through up & down cyclic lifecycle stages all the way to the end-of-life spare parts inventory management.
  • Manufacturing and quality planning leveraging methods including APQP/PPQP, Bill of Material (BOM) management and PFEP.
  • Quality assurance and regulatory compliance: ISO-9001, AS9100, FAA, FAR, and ITAR.

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