Materials & Logistics Engineering

Materials & Logistics Engineering

Factory Flow

Factory flow consulting can encompass many things but focuses on the flow of materials through a factory. The success of any manufacturing facility is measured by getting everything from the back door to the front door as efficiently as possible. It's all about getting the right stuff in the right place at the right time. We can assess your processes to identify inefficiencies and areas for improvement. We'll implement new strategies and automated processes to maximize your output.


Plan for every part (PFEP) is a material flow plan that includes data on every part number coming from suppliers and every finished good going to customers. Partnering with Cornerstone to implement this plan gives you the foundation for continuous improvement of material-handling systems.

Interim Materials Support

To be successful, it's vital to bring the right amount of material into the plant. Our team of specialists can fill the void in a number of materials areas including

  • Materials manager
  • Production scheduler
  • Procurement manager
  • Truck coordinator
  • Shipping supervisor

BOM Creation/Validation

Bill of materials (BOM) is a complete list of parts, items, assemblies, and other materials required to create a product as well as instructions required for gathering and using the required materials. The creation of BOM is comprehensive and time consuming; let our consultants help you develop this important list.

Warehouse/Dock Optimization

Implementing optimal warehouse processes is essential for success. Warehouse and dock optimization can include everything from the sizes of boxes you use to the location of your forklift; all aspects of your warehouse affect the overall efficiency of your process. Our consultants focus on structuring your warehouse in a way that makes the most sense for all aspects of your process, ensuring all systems work together to maximize entropy.

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