Full Background

Hannah Hartley has over 20 years of digital marketing experience and leadership skills. She has a passion for the space where data science and the art of marketing meets human experiences. Dedicated to strengthening digital marketing programs by caring for the people behind them, she is an expert at translating growth objectives into powerful marketing and outreach strategies. Hannah leverages research and analytics to build a more intelligent marketing strategy.

As a digital marketing leader, she has been responsible for implementing, overseeing, and managing digital marketing strategies that advance the organization’s mission by reaching a broad audience and attaining greater exposure. Her efforts have accomplished increased revenue in the millions and better customer experiences. In addition to her marketing skills, Hannah has played a key role in developing and growing Diversity & Inclusion programs to help bring a range of voices and insights to the table.

Hannah has a diverse background, and her work has created New York Times Best Sellers, Number #1 album releases and a multi-million dollar real estate marketing tool. Although she lived in Los Angeles for years, she now resides in the Metro Detroit area and is proud to be part of the Cornerstone Team.