Industrial Engineering

Our Industrial Engineering Services

MODAPTS/Line Balancing

Modular arrangements of predetermined time standards (MODAPTS) improves ergonomics in the workplace. It analyzes how a task is performed and identifies ways to make work easier for your entire team. It’s all about efficiency; through line balancing, we can help to align phases of engineering that are running at different rates. To avoid a bottleneck, we get all methods and phases on the same standardized timeline to help you run more efficiently.

Labor Reduction/Planning

We can help to develop a plan to reduce your labor costs tailored to your situation. From planning to implementation, Cornerstone consultants can help you every step of the way through our cost reduction services.

Value-Stream Mapping

A value stream is all of the actions (both value-added and non-value added) necessary to bring a product from raw material to the customer. Value-stream mapping is used to document, analyze, and improve the flow of information and/or materials. Our consultants come in and analyze your company’s current state then implement a potential future state. We follow the path of your product or service from its beginning all the way to the customer.

Material Flow Optimization

Our experienced consultants analyze your current production processes to identify optimization opportunities. We offer insight into your production organization and its evaluation at different levels. We analyze your overall material flow to find areas that could be improved to benefit your company.

Costed-Router Development

Routing approximates cost as product and inventory work through the system; this is the foundation of the budgeting process. Amount of timing, labor, overhead, and capital depreciation that is used during a certain process is evaluated. We can help you to assign appropriate costs to the router throughout the system. Routings should be updated once a year.

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