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Expert Consulting and Staffing Solutions to Maximize Operational Efficiency

CCO is transforming consulting by prioritizing outcomes and rapid implementation. Our skilled team expedites problem-solving, elevates operational excellence, and drives sustainable growth
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Your optimized operations team.

Experience unparalleled service and support as we seamlessly integrate skilled professionals into your team. Our Operations Staffing Service specializes in identifying, sourcing, and placing top-tier talent in operations roles across various industries.

Navigating operational excellence together.

Attain operational excellence and streamline your supply chain with our hands-on Operations Consulting Service. We not only develop customized strategies but also focus on effective implementation, ensuring sustainable success for your business.

CCO Consulting

Uncover the ways we can strengthen your business operations.

Unearthing the gaps in traditional consulting services.

Our clients tell our story more than we do. We work on the floor - shouldered up with the client's team. 

Case studies showcasing transformative results


Automotive Manufacturer Turnaround Success

Learn how an EU auto manufacturer swiftly boosted throughput by 60%, halved defective parts, and eradicated overtime and expedited freight.

Trucking Company Backlog Vanishes

See how a trucking company achieved a 90-day recovery with full OpEx engagement, ultimately eliminating their order backlog in just 5 months.
Injection Molding Manufacturer's Remarkable Transformation

Injection Molding Manufacturer's Transformation

Learn how CCO helped a struggling injection molding manufacturer increase OEE by 26%, improve paint shop FQFT, and eliminate premium freight charges.
Aftermarket Manufacturer  (1)

Cleared 700-Truck Backlog in Two Months

Learn how CCO swiftly addressed a backlog of over 700 trucks for a heavy truck manufacturer - with 50% increase in inventory accuracy.
Jimmy Johns

Boost in Profit and Growth for a Retail Franchisee

Discover how CCO's FIT Operations approach enabled a large retail franchisee to optimize performance, increase profitability, and prepare for future growth, even during challenging times.
OEE Improvement

Enhancing Efficiency, Saving Millions

Learn how a Japanese automotive manufacturer improved OEE by 20% and saved $3 million in just four months through CCO's Operations Excellence (OpEx) model implementation.

Optimize output with specialized staffing and consulting.