Manufacturing Engineering

How Cornerstone Can Help

SMED & Changeover

Single-minute exchange of die (SMED) is a system for reducing the time it takes to complete equipment changeovers and improve the efficiency of your manufacturing procedures. Our experienced team of consultants can implement the SMED principals to many operations and processes to maximize efficiency.

TPM Training & Implementation

Total productive maintenance (TPM) emphasizes proactive and preventive maintenance to maximize operational efficiency. By bringing in our consultants to train and implement TPM, you can achieve improvements in productivity, quality, cost, delivery, safety, and morale.

Reliability Engineering

Reliability engineering focuses on the dependability in the life cycle of a product. It describes the ability of a system or component to function under stated conditions for a specified period of time. Our consultants identify and manage risks that could adversely affect business operations.

Capital Tooling & Processing Development

Our manufacturing engineering consultants can help you assess if you have the proper tools and machines in place to achieve maximum throughput. We can help ensure you're using your space appropriately for the machinery you have and that you're hitting the right cycle times for equipment tooling. Capital tooling and processing development focuses on optimal efficiencies by making sure you have the proper tools in place to reach your goal.

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