Any election year is filled with uncertainty, but 2020 should be one for the ages. Against the backdrop of a volatile political environment, this election year is expected to have the most uncertainty for the business environment than ever before.

As a private equity investor, one of your primary goals is to manage risk. In 2020, we are already seeing many PE firms managing that risk by front-loading their M&A work into the first half of this calendar year. If you have similar thinking, the next 90 days are critical to adding accretive value to your portfolio with a much higher confidence.

On every M&A transaction, you generally have great internal resources that know how to get a deal done. You also likely a deal team comprised of an outstanding legal partner that does all your deals, superb lending partners to help you get the funding required, and an accounting firm that provides first-class tax and financial analysis.  Many private equity firms also have an operating partner that knows operations and sometimes the industry.  But one key component that’s missing – an execution partner.

Cornerstone Consulting Organization (CCO) is an operations execution consulting firm focused on delivering the results to which your deal team committed.  We are helping multiple private equity firms realize the value of their investments in an abbreviated timeline.


We can help your firm accelerate your due diligence, attain synergies by integrating your new operations, provide experienced interim/augmented leadership, and build a sustainable, more profitable business before the political environment turns disagreeable. We have the know-how and tools to rapidly deploy our team members to help you manage multiple projects at a time so your internal resources can focus on strategic growth of the firm.

We routinely see measurable results in weeks – not months. We can help get your portfolio companies financially healthy – and do it fast. How many consulting firms move at the speed of private equity?  WE DO!

Don’t get caught up in trying to do everything on your own. Your resources are best utilized GETTING DEALS DONE!! Our resources can supplement your Management Teams to accelerate EBITDA and cash flow improvements

In this election year, anything you can do to manage risk will pay off significantly in the long run. If you’d like help assessing your targets, integrating them, and driving sustainable results, give us call at 888.324.4808 or check our website to learn more.

Post by Chris Ostrander
February 13, 2020