Consultants are often associated with “problems.” They’re the problem solvers who come in when a business is struggling to fix issues. But consultants can actually come in long before problems arise. Startup companies can benefit from bringing in a consulting firm from the start, or in the early stages, to make sure a proper business plan is in place and that it’s being efficiently executed. Here are five ways a consultant can help you make your startup a success.


Providing a Complete, Comprehensive Plan

Starting off on the right foot is key for a hopeful business. Startup consultants help you formulate a sustainable business growth strategy from the beginning. They know what’s working in your industry, and perhaps more importantly, they know what’s not working. Consultants offer invaluable advice on what to avoid during startup to set your business up for success. Identifying goals to work towards is key to your company’s overall growth and development. Consultants don’t just help you set goals; they help you select attainable goals that will eventually translate into measurable results. Committing to lofty goals that are out of reach sets your business up to fail right from the beginning.


Advice from Industry Experts

It’s the consultant’s job to know your industry. If you’re running a startup business, you’re new to the market. Bring in a consultant to teach you about the current climate in your industry. Consultants keep up with trends, and their experience with other clients gives them insight into what is and isn’t working for your competitors.


Specific Expertise

It’s rare for a startup to be able to afford to hire full-time employees who possess every skill they need. Hiring experts for the short term helps you direct your business down a path of success. The beauty is that you only use consultants as long as you need them; once your startup is off the ground, you can go your separate ways, and that expense is eliminated. If you need their expertise in the future, you can always hire them again.



Efficiency is essential for any business, and it’s especially important for fast-growing businesses. Consultants develop and implement procedures and processes to help your company run optimally. Too often during the fast-paced growth of a startup business, attention is more on trying to stay afloat than creating efficient processes. Hiring a consultant who can focus on building these processes will help your company achieve long-term success.


The Path to Profitability

Your startup is undoubtedly on a strict budget. A consultant can help you get on the profitable path as soon as possible. They have experience working with different budgets and scopes of work, and they can help you identify what you need to do to develop a successful, functioning business and reach your goals. Knowing this at your business’ inception will pay off in the long term, even if you hire a consultant only for the short term.

If you’re running a startup business and looking for some direction from industry experts, contact Cornerstone Consulting Organization. We can work with you to formulate a plan for success and help you navigate your new business world.


Post by Bill Currence
February 26, 2018