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Focus on Finding the Right “FIT”

When you reach out to a management consulting firm, chances are you know you need help. You’ll probably have a lot of questions, including how much the service will cost and what exactly you’d be paying for. So, how do you go about deciding on and hiring a consultant or consulting firm that will do the best job for you without breaking the bank?

Sized Just Right

Have you ever brought in a big-wig consulting firm and they tell you what you already know, tattle to the executives with a beautiful PowerPoint presentation, then hit you with a huge bill as they walk out the door? Or have you worked with a single-shingle consultant firm who didn't have the proven experience or bandwidth to cover all your bases?

Cornerstone Consulting Organization offers a good price-to-value ratio.

CCO has a top-notch bench of knowledgeable consultants available to tackle projects of any size without compromising your bottom line, and we believe in ROI-based consulting, which means results for our clients. Unlike Goldilocks, you’re probably not concerned about a bed being too hard or soft, or porridge being too hot or cold. However, similar to Goldilocks, you’re likely in search of a good balance -- that “just-right” fit. Some firms carry a big price tag but may offer a lot of services you don’t really need, while other firms sound like a good deal but lack the comprehensiveness you want.

It’s About the Results

Cornerstone Consulting Organization has some of the best leaders in the industry and utilizes unique processes like FIT (Fundamental Intrinsic Theorem) manufacturing to achieve excellent results for our clients – and world-class, time-tested processes mean nothing without results. In short, we put our proven methods to work for you to deliver higher profits, reduced cost structure, and closer relationships with your customer base. The best part is, CCO consultants follow your project from beginning to end, so you know you’ve got a dedicated team invested in helping achieve your goals.

When it comes to consulting firms, there’s one for everybody, but you want to find the one that’s right for you. Ask yourself what you desire most in a firm and create a wish list before you even start the interview process. While you may not be able to check off every item on your list, you’ll likely be most comfortable with a firm that meets as many of your needs as possible. 

If you’re looking for a consultant that will be just the right FIT, Cornerstone Consulting Organization is ready to help. Call us at 888-324-4808 or email us at

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