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The concept of time as the most valuable resource isn’t new and struggling businesses should NOT waste another minute of time settling for “advice with no action” from their consultants. I hear from my clients and other business leaders is that it’s time to disrupt and re-define what an effective consulting engagement looks like.

Cornerstone Consulting Organization (CCO) was born from operational turnaround success across the globe. We’ve seen and heard a lot – including a consistent undercurrent of disappointment with conventional consultants. When a plant and its people’s survival is on the line, too often the turnaround advice comes from MBA-gilded agents who do the thinking and not much more. Clients get a presentation of what may be insightful suggestions on how to fix a manufacturing operation, and that’s about it. Over time this level of service – usually quite expensive -- has become acceptable. And truth be told, in many cases consulting firms are just not equipped to follow through all the way to delivery of improved cash flow and EBITDA.

It doesn’t have to be that way, and it’s not the way we operate at CCO. We’re challenging the conventional consulting engagement. We don’t pose; we produce.

We have experienced problem solvers who have walked the plant floor and confronted the issues and obstacles that prevent high-performing and profitable operations. We get smart fast and develop the turnaround plan to re-balance what are often complex production systems. We declare our client relationships BS-Free Zones and strive to be the most frank and forthright advisers a client will ever encounter. Then we work directly with a plant’s management and workers to restore profitable performance – all the way to outcome.

Some clients tell me their disappointment with conventional consultants has deepened -- to disdain. They want something more, and all the while the clock is ticking on their business performance.

It’s time for the anti-consultant. We’re here, and ready to re-define what effective consultants deliver to turn around struggling business operations.