Energy Sector Manufacturing Consultants

Quickly Improve EBITDA

Analyzing trade-offs and understanding the associated risks are inherent in our FIT Operations method. We identify opportunities to improve EBITDA and work shoulder-to-shoulder with your staff to deliver the results.

Efficient Methodology

We have adapted tools and methods from a range of industries to provide energy businesses quick and insightful improvement opportunities that rapidly deliver improved cash flow and EBITDA.

Tools and Methods

Our tools and methods include:

  • Asset utilization and life cycle management: We leverage our deep experience in Operations Excellence (OpEx) and trade-offs to assess how your assets are performing and develop strategies to optimize EBITDA and drive sustainable growth.
  • Reliability-based maintenance planning: This method looks at the issues from several perspectives and provides you with optimal solutions and quantifies the trade-offs your operations may present. Our methods and tools provide great value in understanding your MRO decisions and guiding your operating strategies.
  • FIT Operations: This method addresses the complex interdependencies that exist in any business. This method is our proprietary framework for optimizing a business based on tradeoffs – essentially managing risks and costs.
  • Capital Project Management: leverages our deep bench of experienced consultants to match your needs and requirements in the Energy sector. Tools from manufacturing and other industries can be applied to deliver exceptional results on time and budget.
    Problem Solving: using RCA-CAPA, Defect Elimination and the best tools across industries that are applied to your situation.

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