Retail Industry Operations Consultants

Improve EBITDA

The pressure to deliver bottom-line results in every business has never been greater. At the same time, retail businesses can leverage new technology and supply chains to deliver competitive advantages. We have adapted tools and methods from several industries to provide quick and insightful improvement opportunities that deliver improved EBITDA quickly and efficiently.

Tools and Methods

Our tools and methods include:

  • Labor Analysis: We look at how people work and contribute from several perspectives. Efficiency tools such as MODAPTS can be adapted to many retail tasks to identify improvement opportunities in efficiency, safety and throughput in your operations.
  • Sales & Inventory Operations Planning (SIOP): We help manage through the complexities of retail and your supply chains.
  • Business Analytics: We use your data to identify opportunities for improving your EBITDA. Our experience across industries enables us to apply the right analysis to look at your business, so you can see it in a new light.
  • FIT Operations: This method addresses the complex interdependencies that exist in any business. This method is our proprietary framework for optimizing a business based upon tradeoffs – essentially managing risks and costs.

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